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Established in 1852, Saint Joseph Farm functioned for decades as an important part in the life of the Notre Dame community.  More than 165 years later this historic farm continues to produce valuable crops and serve the community as a premier venue for hosting special events.

Rooted In History


In 1867, Father Sorin sought to find a new venue for producing food for the rapidly growing population at the University of Notre Dame. Soon after, a cadre of pigs, cows, horses, chickens, and men of the cloth, excited campus for the fertile fields of the newly acquired Saint Joseph’s Farm in Granger. For over 120 years, dedicated hands farmed, toiled, gardened, and produced a cornucopia of culinary delights to assuage the appetites of the Fighting Irish community.

The South Residence was built in 1872, to accommodate the Sisters who arrived to eagerly help prepare the meals. In 1878, Father Sorin, concerned with serving the Catholics in the Granger area, approved the building of a chapel in the Sisters Residence. As early as 1924, records were kept of Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, Weddings, and Funerals. By the year 1936, The Bishop decided to dedicate this chapel to a Parish and born was the St Joseph’s Farm Parish. The 1930’s ushered in many social activities sponsored by the new parish including square dances, picnics and volunteer work. Many elders in the community have fond memories of participating in life on the Farm. On September 23 1954, the Saint Joseph’s Parish was renamed St. Pius Parish and construction began on a new Church located a few miles away.

Today, the Saint Joseph’s Farm is fondly referred to as the St Joe Farm. Many of the century old historical buildings have been transformed to celebrate life in the newly renovated vintage barns. The dairy barn built in 1913, renamed The Event Barn, is stunning with its cathedral like ambiance and welcomes wedding receptions and other joyous occasions. Directly behind The Event Barn is the former bull barn, now referred to as The Round Barn and is still under repair, but soon will welcome ceremonies, cocktail hours, and small gatherings. A short walk away the Equestrian Barn hosts: The Stable, a venue for smaller occasions, a beautiful barn loft apartment called “The Loft” where 14 guests may lay their heads in upscale comfort, and The Tack Room Apartment which accommodates four guests in western style fun.

The barns and the 1458 acres of fertile fields at the St Joe Farm honor the gathering and nurturing legacy of Father Sorin and the Holy Cross Brothers, and call those in the community to participate in the cultivation of new memories.

About St Joe Farm

Choosing a venue is one of the first decisions you'll make in planning your wedding or special event. Unforgettable – our Event Barn and the surrounding venues create the perfect destination for a lifetime of unique, unforgettable memories. The St. Joe Farm has been making history since 1852. Let us help you create your own chapter.

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